Most professionals are not taught the skill of selling their services at university. This typically means they have no idea how to build a book of business when the time comes for them to think about progressing their career, including their drive to become a partner or director. 

To address this issue, GSJ offers a variety of services in coaching.

Bespoke coaching

GSJ’s strong preference is to work with our clients on bespoke business development coaching projects. 

Coaching workshops are usually structured in the following way:

Coaching Phase 1

A 6-week deep dive audit of your existing business development activity, including: 

    • what’s working;

    • what’s not working;

    • where you would like to grow the business;

    • what clients you would like to work with but are not currently; and

    • what clients you would like to be doing more work with but are not – and why.

Coaching Phase 2

Monthly retainer for ongoing business development 1:1 coaching. 

It’s worth pointing out that this is not classroom-style coaching sessions. GSJ coaching involves a deep analysis of your practice and how you can grow your book of business.

This is a private coaching program, limited to 25 places, which is designed to set you on the path to financial success.

A la carte coaching

GSJ provide ‘off-the-shelf’ coaching on:

  • LinkedIn; 

  • networking skills;

  • business development planning;

  • client account management;

  • cross-selling and cross-serving skills training; and

  • pitch and tender responses.

Law firm strategy coaching

We have worked with several law firms helping to take them from sole partner/director practices to multi-million-dollar businesses. We have particularly strong experience working with law firms who wish to grow their footprint in South-East Asia. Founder, Richard W Smith, has lived there for more than 12 years working with firms that became internationally known and highly regarded.

We also have significant experience working with firms looking to merge their business with another. We assist them to build their book of business to make the deal more attractive for possible mergers.

Pricing coaching

We offer coaching on the various types of alternative fee arrangements that can be offered to clients and under which circumstances to offer the various options available.

Get in touch if you want to further discuss how we can help you.